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During our years of involvement in tow cutting and crimping, DM&E has always offered to process small samples for potential customers. Recently the rapid pace of development in specialized fiber has required several of our customers to request larger quantities of staple fibers. To satisfy these requests, DM&E has established a division to accommodate tow cutting and crimping of limited quantities of supplied fiber.

DM&E Corporation performs custom cutting and crimping of fiber in our own laboratory. For product qualification or equipment evaluation, long or short, we process it all. The equipment in our lab uses the newest technology. The Cutting Load Indicator helps evaluate your run more objectively.  Our equipment and expert staff will assist you in proving your product and defining your equipment configuration.

With DM&E it is easy to prepare product demonstrations to assist in bringing a product to market.

Custom Tow Crimping
Custom Tow Production
Custom Tow Crimping

Our flexibility can be your asset.  Contact DM&E for a quotation to meet your requirements.

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