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DM&E began with tow cutters.  As we developed our relationships with the fiber manufacturers we applied our engineering and process expertise to tow crimpers.  DM&E has divided its effort into two directions.  First, we manufacture small to medium size crimpers for  processing tow from 30,000 d [33 ktext] to 1,500,000 d [151 ktex].

Second, Neumag and Fleissner manufacture excellent examples of larger tow crimpers. DM&E is committed to assist owners of larger crimpers in maintaining high standards and superior production.  Rather than compete we have chosen to repair and rebuild these larger crimpers. Click here for details on crimper repair and rebuilding at DM&E.

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CL-05 Tow Crimper



The DM&E CL-05 tow crimper excels in prototype and pilot line operation.  With a capacity of 30,000 - 90,000d [9ktex] the CL-05 offers a modular stuffing box that can be configured to suit any process requirement.  The crimper is self contained, and is available to process tow when it arrives.  Click here for pictures.

CL-21 Tow Crimper



Whether it is the workhorse on a small production line, or producing test samples, the DM&E CL-21 tow crimper is an amazingly versatile machine.  Designed and built for continuous service, the CL-21 has a capacity of 500,000d [555 ktex] and speeds to 450m/min.  It has a swing-open stuffing box for high speed thread-up, and easy maintenance.  A wide range of box geometry is available, and a nearly unlimited option list make the CL-21 a custom fit for any application.  The DS-20 Dancer provides a perfect pretension control. The CLV-21 with its integrated dancer and compact size make it an excellent choice where space is a premium.  Click here for pictures.

WA Tow Crimper



The WA tow crimper has proven itself with over 1000 examples worldwide.  The WA is adaptable to widths from 1.5” [40mm] to 6” [150mm].  Since its introduction many refinements, and improvements have enhanced the reliability and serviceability.  The WA has found its place as an economical alternative more expensive applications.  The WA can be mated to the WA Dancer.  Click here for pictures.

All DM&E equipment is manufactured to exact specifications required to satisfy each customer's requirements. An almost endless option list assures that a Crimper, Dancer, Cutter, Tension Stand, or Cutter Reel configuration can be made to meet your requirements. Let our equipment specialists help you determine the best solution for your process.

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