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DM&E began its involvement with staple fiber processing in 1974.  We began by repairing and restoring radial blade cutters and components. Since then we have become the world’s standard for radial blade tow cutters.   We continue to manufacture, repair, modify and restore cutters, cutter reels and associated equipment for all major fiber producers throughout the world.  Our process experience assures that your DM&E equipment will efficiently produce the best staple fiber.

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Radial Blade Cutter
60 Series Tow Cutter


DM&E builds the best Tow Cutters. Tow cutters are used to cut synthetic fiber into discrete lengths for subsequent processing.  Cut lengths from 1/8” [3mm] to 7.5” [190mm] are readily accomplished.  All of the DM&E cutters are radial blade tow cutters and are carefully configured to match the customer's needs. Many options are available to create a custom engineered unit to satisfy even special requirements.  With capacities of 500Lbs [250kg] to over 52,000Lbs [23,600kg] per hour, DM&E has a cutter for your staple fiber.

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Mk4 Tension Stand


Tension Stands are critical to the production of  uniformly cut staple fiber.  Correct tension prior to cutting assures that the fiber is presented to the cutter properly. Tension stands are matched to the cutter and to the overall process.  Upstream tension, fiber characteristics and cut length are considered when specifying a tension stand.

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Cutter Reels


Cutter reels with proven capability to cut 1.5mm to 190+mm are matched to the cutter and tension stand.  Cutter reels for DM&E cutters, and all major cutter manufacturers are available.

All DM&E equipment is manufactured to exact the specifications needed to satisfy each customer's requirements. An almost endless option list assures that a Crimper, Dancer, Cutter, Tension Stand, or Cutter Reel configuration can be made to meet your requirements. Let our equipment specialists help you determine the best solution for your process.

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