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20 Cutter

The 20 Series radial blade cutter duplicates the cut quality and characteristics of larger DM&E tow cutters. The 20 Series cutter features a 150mm diameter cutter reel and uses industry standard blades. The basic configuration includes one reel with multiple cut length capability.  A two reel configuration is available to allow virtually every cut length possible.  Maximum denier is 250,000d (28ktex) and at 150m/min 250kg/hr can be processed.  Cut staple is collected under the cutter in a pan or larger container.  Connect your compressed air and 200 volts and you are ready to cut fiber.




Many large fiber producers use the 40 Series Cutter to produce samples and  eliminate interruptions on large production lines.  It also finds use on pilot lines and light production manufacturing. The 40 Series employs all the features of DM&E cutters in a compact and  straight-forward machine. The 40 Series is rated at 500,000 denier and 150 meters per minute line speed. With a production capacity of 1100 lbs per hour it offers the same cut quality as its larger brothers.  All cutter reels use the short staple cutter blade and many have multiple cut length options. The reels only weigh 32lb [14kg] and may be easily and safely handled by one person. With a 40 inch cutting  circumference, the 40 Series cutter can supply cut lengths from 1/8” [3mm] to 6” [150mm].  A 3 HP [2.3kw] variable speed AC drive is standard. An Integral Tension Device may be ordered to add pretension to tow.  For pictures, click here.


 The 60 Series cutter with its 60 inch reel circumference offers full production cutting of over 8 tons per hour of staple fiber. Standard features are all included. The 10 HP [7.5kw] solid state digital AC inverter drive works in  coordination with a separate holding brake to prevent loss of tow tension when the production is interrupted. This results in less down-graded fiber. The presser wheel system, tow guides, discharge chute and other options can create a cutter to solve any production problem.  Cutter reels are compatible with original Lummus Mk4 reels. Reels are attached with a through-the-spindle drawbar for ease of installation and a powered reel attachment (RAD) is an option.  The Cutting Load Indicator (CLI) may also be fitted. Cutter reels are available for staple  lengths 1/8” [3mm] to 7.5” [191mm]. The DM&E Mk4 and 310 Series Tension Stands are compatible with the 60 Series cutter. For pictures, click here.

40 Series Tow Cutter
60 Series Tow Cutter


The 90 Series can supply nearly 20 tons of staple every hour. Powered with a 20 HP [15kw] motor, solid state AC inverter drive and a double reduction belt train the 90 Series can be tailored to your exact processing conditions. Like the 60 Series, an integral brake prevents loss of tow tension when the cutter is stopped.  As with the 40 and 60 Series cutters the monopost design allows fiber to be discharged to the front, rear, side or bottom of the cutter. The 90 Series comes standard at a 48” [1.2m] tow height with a 57” [1.4m] tow height available. Cutter reels are compatible with Lummus Mk5 reels, and are available in cut lengths 1/8’ [3mm] to 7 1/2” [191mm]. The 310 Series Tension Stand is designed for use with the 90 Series cutter.  The DM&E Reek Attachment Device (RAD) and Cutting Load Indicator (CLI) are frequently selected options. For pictures, click here.


The 120 Series is the world's largest capacity tow cutter.  It can supply up to 26 tons of staple every hour. The 120 Series is powered with a 40 HP [30kw] motor, solid state AC inverter drive and a double reduction belt drive. It is designed to process 8M denier at 450m/min with trouble-free operation. A Reel Attachment Device (RAD) is standard.  The 120 Series also includes a Reel Transfer Device (RTD) to assist in exchanging cutter reels. The High Tension 310 Series Tension Stand should be coupled with the 120 Series cutter. For pictures, click here.

90 Series Tow Cutter
120 Series Tow Cutter
Mk4 Tow Cutter


In 2000 DM&E purchased the radial blade tow cutter product line from Lummus Industries.  This included the Mk3, Mk4, Mk4A3, Mk6, Mk5 cutters and Mk4 and Mk5 tension stands.  The Mk4 and Mk5 have received the DM&E upgrades including a pneumatically loaded presser wheel, integral brake and variable frequency inverter drive.  The Mk4 can supply up to 7 tons of staple every hour with its integral 10HP [7.5kw] motor.  The Mk5 is powered with a 20HP [15kw] motor and will process 10 tons of staple fiber per hour.  The Mk4 and Mk5 come standard at a 57” [1.4m] tow height. All 60 and 90 Series DM&E cutter reels may be used.  Cut lengths from 1/8” [3mm] to 7.5” [191mm] are available.  Both DM&E Mk4 and 310 Series Tension Stands may be used with the Mk4 and Mk5 cutters.  The Mk4 and Mk5 offer the price sensitive purchaser a further option for staple fiber cutting.  For pictures, click here.

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1) All DM&E tow cutters use a pneumatic presser wheel mechanism.  Full pneumatic travel prevents damage to valuable cutter reels in the event a blockage occurs in the cutting zone. All presser wheel utilize sealed ball bearings, and can be easily adjusted for presser wheel-to-blade clearance.

 2) All tow cutters feature a welded frames with hinged doors to give easy access to the cutter reels. The cutter reel attaches from the top with a drawbar for simple reel changes on Models 20, 40 and 60. Model 90 cutters and the Mk4 and Mk5 cutters use a captive bolt reel connection. Gauges and controls are mounted at a convenient height.

 3) Right or left hand operation is available on all cutters. (Right hand cutters move the tow from the right to the left.)

 4) Variable speed electronic drives are standard on all cutters. All drives are state-of-the-art solid state units supplied by major manufacturers that offer world-wide service. Frequency and voltage are available to suit most requirements. A double reduction toothed belt drive on most cutters allows the motor and tow speed to be matched for optimum control and energy efficient operation.

 5) A sophisticated tow guiding system is used to control the tow  presentation to the cutter reel in all DM&E cutters. Correct tow  presentation is critical to quality staple. The tow may be maneuvered vertically or horizontally, and shaped from top to bottom to present the most uniform tow bundle to the cutter reel.

 6) Safety is designed into each cutter. Reel access doors are electrically interlocked for operator safety. Controls are functionally interlocked to prevent improper operation. CE compliant units are optional.

 7) All cutters are pretested and supplied with complete maintenance and operating manuals. Critical spare parts are stocked by DM&E and available for overnight delivery if necessary to keep you in production.

Price and delivery varies with options.  Contact DM&E for a quotation to meet your requirements.

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