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Crimper Repair and Replacement Parts

Crimper Repair

Inspection Sheet

Crimper rolls, and crimper stuffing box parts will eventually need repair.  DM&E Corporation provides repair services for all makes of crimpers.  We apply a detailed process to our crimper repair services.

When crimper components arrive for repair they are disassembled, cleaned and inspected to the same standards as new components. During inspection missing and damaged components are noted along with any mechanical problems that can affect performance.  The inspection sheet assists in preparing the quotation. Only after the quotation is approved by the customer will our technicians begin work.

When all repairs are completed, all components are reinspected and a copy of the inspection sheet is included with the repairs. A second copy of the inspection sheet remains permanently in our files for an historical record of all repairs.

DM&E Crimper repair services include:

  • Regrind rolls for perfect processing surface.
  • Repair worn and damaged bearing journals.
  • Repair worn and damage roll seal surfaces.
  • Replace damaged, cracked, or worn out tires.
  • Repair worn and damaged doctor blade tips and bases.
  • Repair worn or damaged stuffing box side plates.
  • Repair and replace cheek plate (thrust pad) mechanisms.
  • Modify all parts for new applications.
  • Supply new crimper rolls and stuffing box parts for all crimpers.

Crimper Rebuilding Includes:

  • Disassemble completely
  • Replace/rebuild all rolls and stuffing box components
  • Replace/rebuild all bearings, pivots and operating surfaces
  • Replace/rebuild all gauges, controls.
  • Replace/rebuild all pneumatic cylinders, solenoids.
  • Replace all pneumatic/fluid tubing/hoses/rotary unions
  • Complete function test
  • Supply operating manuals.
  • Paint, replate as required.
  • Provide installation and start up assistance.


Neumag Ready-to-Ship
Neumag Crimper
Crimper Before Rebuild
Crimper After Rebuild

Crimper Parts and Accessories


Crimper Roll Grinding
Checking Surface Finish

Crimper Parts and Accessories

  • Complete crimper rolls
  • Doctor blade bases (Insert Tip Holder)
  • Doctor blade tips (Insert Tip)
  • “Flappers” (Insert Plate)
  • Pneumatic cylinders (Rebuilt and rebuild kits)
  • Hydraulic cylinders (Rebuilt and rebuild kits)
  • Drive Flanges
  • Rotary unions
  • Siphon tubes
  • Entrance guides
  • Cheek Plates (Thrust Pads)
  • Cheek Plate drive components
  • Cheek Plate Thrust components
  • Presteamer
  • Finish applicators.
  • Tow Piddlers and Plaiters
New Doctor Blade

Crimper Process and Maintenance Seminars.

Crimper / Cutter Process and Maintenance Seminars.

Our skilled and experienced engineers work alongside your maintenance and process technicians.  We review process fundamentals.  We conduct a “handson” equipment teardown and reassembly, stressing safety and quality operational techniques.

Your personnel will be able to take advantage of our many years of experience in different situations.  We can clarify issues and solve problems.  A final written summary will be available for management, with recommendations for improvements and an overall performance evaluation

Maintenance/Process Seminar

Many options are available.  Contact DM&E for a quotation to meet your requirements.

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