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Cutter Blades

All blades are available in the following materials.

  • Stainless Steel
  • TiN Coated Stainless Steel
  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Bi-metallic (Tool Steel/Carbon Steel)

Series 60 / Mk4 Cutter Blades (# 950-003-A)
      2.94” x 0.625” x 0.035” [74.6mm/15.6mm/0.884mm]

Mk4 Blade

Series 90 / Mk5 Cutter Blades (# 950-004-A)
      4.63” x 0.625” x 0.035” [117.6mm/15.6mm/0.884mm]

Mk5 Blade

Series 40 / 60 Krupp Blades (# 950-002-A)
     1.89” x 0.312” x 0.035” [48mm/8mm/0.884mm]

Krupp Blade

Long Krupp Blades (# 950-014-A)
     3.00” x 0.312” x 0.035” [76.2mm/8mm/0.884mm]

Long Krupp Blade

Series 120 Cutter Blades (# 950-012-A)
     7.60” x 0.744” x 0.035” [193mm/18.9mm/0.884mm]

120 Blade


Cutter Reel Repair

Cutter reels will eventually need repair.  DM&E provides repair services for all makes of cutter reels. We rebuild cutter reels applying the same care, and quality we use in every new cutter reel.

When a reel arrives for repair it is disassembled, cleaned and inspected to the same standards as a new cutter reel. During inspection missing and damaged components are noted along with any mechanical problems that affect reel performance.  The inspection sheet assists in preparing your quotation. Only after the quotation is approved do our technicians begin work.

When all repairs are completed, the cutter reel is reinspected and a copy of the inspection sheet is included with the cutter reel as it is returned.  A second copy of the inspection remains permanently in our files for a historical record of all repairs.

Some of the repair services include:

  • Replace bent, broken, and missing blade support pins.
  • Straighten bent, warped, and damaged reels.
  • Replace broken or damaged phenolic covers, hubs, and blade retainers.
  • Inspect your reels in your plant.
  • Give emergency service.
  • Modify your reels to eliminate processing problems.
  • Offer comprehensive reel maintenance programs.
  • Correct your O.E.M. reels to give proper cutting performance.

In addition to all of this we can come to your plant, inspect your reels and give you an on-site diagnosis.  We regularly provide seminars covering both process and maintenance of all cutting systems.

Cutter Reel Inspection sheet
Damaged Cutter Reel


Cutter Parts

DM&E has parts for all DM&E and Lummus cutters.  After our purchase of Lummus cutters in 2000 we are now the sole OEM source for original Lummus parts.  Many of these parts have received the DM&E Engineering review and benefit from improved materials or design. We have parts for:

    DM&E 40 Series Cutters
    DM&E 60 Series Cutters
    DM&E 90 Series Cutters
    DM&E 120 Series Cutters
    Lummus Mk3 Cutters
    Lummus Mk4 Cutters (all models)
    Lummus Mk5 Cutters (all models)
    Lummus Mk6 Cutters
    Lummus Mk9 Cutters.

Tow Cutter Parts

Tow Cutter Reels

Reel Inspection

Tow Cutter Parts


Crimper / Cutter Process and Maintenance Seminars.

Our skilled and experienced engineers work alongside your maintenance and process technicians.  We review process fundamentals.  We conduct a “hands-on” equipment teardown and reassembly, stressing safety and quality operational techniques.

Your personnel will be able to take advantage of our many years of experience in varying situations.  We can clarify issues and solve problems.  A final written summary will be available for management, with recommendations for improvements and an overall performance evaluation

Maintenance/Process Seminar

 Contact DM&E for a quotation to meet your requirements.

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