DM&E has manufactured equipment and components for a variety of industries during the last 30 years.  We were originally embedded in the synthetic fiber industry throughout the Southeast.  We began by supplying radial blade tow cutters and associated equipment.  We progressed to supply tow crimpers and offer exacting repairs to the same customers. Many of the companies required engineered solutions to manufacturing problems.  DM&E developed a reputation for solving problems with improved engineered components within and without the synthetic fiber industry.  We invite you to tour this site and see what we can do for you.

DM&E cutters process virtually all synthetic fibers.  Staple fiber from 1.5mm to 190mm is produced on our cutters in over 20 countries across the globe.  Aramid to viscose to polyester, and 30,000 denier to 12,000,000 denier, it is almost certain your fabric or filter began life on a DM&E cutter.

DM&E crimpers and replacement components see service daily throughout the world. From our smallest CL-05 to the high-speed capable CL-21 and the workhorse WA.  DM&E crimpers set the standard.

Parts for other crimpers are refurbished or replaced with precision parts based on an extensive process knowledge that solves problems.

We develop custom engineered solutions for unique manufacturing problems.  If it is a component or a complete unit we have the resources.  Whether developed by a customer, or simply an idea, we can translate it to a finished product.


DM&E Cutters

CL-21 Tow Crimper


It is inevitable that our machinery will be copied. A copy is not the original. At DM&E we know our machines and your processes. We not only know the HOW, we know the WHY.  Take advantage of the WHY and buy the BEST.



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